Planning a wedding can be very stressful. It takes a lot of time and energy can end up having a negative impact on your original thrill, and that’s something we cannot allow!
So take a break and a deep breath, and delegate. Tell us what you have in mind and we will handle every little detail for you, so you can enjoy the rest. Are you ready?

From A to Z

"Everything. From the beginning to the end."

Location, venue, decoration, catering, wedding invitations, everything!

We co create every little detail with you throughout the whole process: we decide on everything together and, once we start planning, we’ll keep you posted at all times in order to ensure that everything goes according to your expectations. Finally, when the weeding day arrives, we’ll be there to make sure that it turns out perfect, and also because we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

The W day

“Stress-free wedding day."

If you already have it all planned but you don’t want to worry about coordinating things during your wedding day, we’ll do it for you.

We’ll attend your wedding and take care of every single detail to make sure that everything goes as planned, so you‘ll be able to simply enjoy your celebration.

À la carte

"Just what you need."

From the catering to the flowers, or anything else... Whatever you need. If you already have some things planned but you need help coordinating other aspects of your wedding, we help you out!

Explain us what you have already settled, what is it that you are looking for and which kind of weeding you have in mind, and we’ll take care of all of it. We work with the best suppliers on the island, so there’s no idea or detail, as crazy as it might be, too complex for us.

    • Venue’s search and booking.
    • Space design, decoration and flower arrangements so every detail is perfect.
    • Seating plan and photocall design.
    • Furniture renting.
    • Lighting and sound system installation.

    Space & deco

    Beach, villa, hotel... no matter the kind of venue, style or decoration that you have in mind, we’ll make it possible.

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    • Search and booking of Dj, live shows, dancers and customised performances.
    • Lighting shows and fireworks.
    • Kids area.

    Music & Entertainment

    Dj, live shows and even customised performances so you have the best party of all times.

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    • Catering
    • Show cooking
    • Food stations
    • Drink corner
    • Drink corner
    • Sweet corner
    • Wedding cake


    Catering, sweets, wedding cake... We’ll make your weeding a pleasure to taste.

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    • Invitation design (paper and digital).
    • Gifts for guests.
    • Professional photographers and shooting booking.

    Image & Design

    We know that every aspect matters. That’s why we design all the material you need for your wedding.

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    • Image consulting, hairdressing and make up service for grooms, brides and guests.
    • Hairdressing and make up services on the wedding day.
    • Spa and anti-stress treatments.


    You should shine on your wedding day! That’s why we offer you some styling services.

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    • Wedding night accommodation and organisation.
    • Accommodation booking for guests.
    • Honeymoon trip personal advising.


    Before, during and after the wedding. If you need a place to accommodate yourselves or your guests, we’ll select the best options on the island for you.

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    • Vehicles for the bride and the groom.
    • Vehicles for guests.
    • Renting of yachts, sailboats and luxury vehicles.


    From the beach to the restaurant, from the villa to the hotel... Forget about the logistics, we’ll handle them for you.

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The perfect wedding venue

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We’d like to know your ideas and how do you picture your wedding.

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