Making the guest list for your wedding is one of the most important tasks in organizing your special day.

The list of guests should be done together with your partner. This first list will give you an estimated number of assistants. 

Then before deciding about last numbers and sending the invitations,

give you some tips to do it in an effective, relaxed way and also live a moment of union with your fiancé.

How to make a correct guest list for your wedding:  

1. Make the guest list in advance:

Especially those guests who will travel to go to your wedding need to know the date and details as soon as possible. Creating the list and sending the invitations with several months in advanced is important so your favourite people can reserve that date for you

2. Choose a quiet moment:

We already have enough stress in our daily life and more often than you think couples discuss when organizing the details of the wedding, and in the end the groom ends up thinking “Happy Wife Happy Life” and let her take care of the preparations.

To avoid that situation, choose a time that you are free and better if that day neither of you have experienced stressful moments (For example at work)

Take paper and pen, a quiet corner and forget to look at the time! Prepare the list, write down the names and enjoy this time together.

3. Decide about the wedding figures:

What type of wedding do you want? What budget do you have for the reception? The answer to these questions, among others, will give you an approximate idea of ​​the number of guests you can count on. An intimate ceremony is not the same as a luxury wedding in Ibiza.

In small ceremonies it is usual to have an approximate number of 70 people, although everything will depend on the place you going to choose for the celebration. The most crowded weddings that include co-workers or parent´s friends can easily exceed 200 guests.

4. Decide about the budget of the reception:

The reception is, at most weddings, the biggest pay out of the couple.

A good idea is to set a maximum budget and try not to go over. Of course, comparing different prices and looking for offers can help you to have more guests without going over. 

When you have a wedding planner this task becomes much easy, keep in mind that we talk about professionals who know in detail all the places dedicated to the celebration of weddings, so they can more easily find the one that best suits your wishes and your budget.

5. Make a first guidance list

Start writing all the names on paper and then see if the numbers fit in your budget. 

What happens if not? You can erase names that are not so essential. 

Also, your parents will appreciate that you show them the list to see if any person important for them is missing. You may not believe it, but they are as excited as you are with your special day. 

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