Have you been invited to a wedding in Ibiza? What great news! If this 2020 is going to be the year in which you go as a guest of a great Ibiza wedding, read on: we have prepared this post especially for you.

Guest at an Ibiza wedding

To be the perfect guest for a wedding in Ibiza, first, you have to know the peculiarities of the dream ceremonies that are celebrated on the island of love. The most known is that the guests, and not just the bride, wear white.

Both in Ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire, white was the colour most used in special events and in the case of brides, has remained to this day. White symbolizes calm, tranquillity and purity, and has not yet been replaced by the tendencies of marrying in other colours.

The normal thing in other types of ceremonies is that the guests avoid the white, but, on this occasion, you will have to choose the white, the beige, or another similar tone, to be the perfect guest.

In addition, you must choose a dress that adapts to the island atmosphere: you will enjoy an Ibiza wedding to the fullest because the ceremony will be held next to the beautiful coast, in an almost idyllic and magical environment. Surely, you will forget the traditional ceremonies, since weddings in Ibiza have a more informal style full of sophistication and glamour.

Will be very difficult to forget your experience as a guest at a wedding in Ibiza.

 A day full of emotions! 

The dress has to reflect your personality, and since the only requirement is that it be white, you can innovate and customize it as much as you want.

Guest in a villa wedding in Ibiza

The villas for weddings in Ibiza are elegant locations, full of amenities and services for all guests. And if the groom and the bride have chosen a company like www.marrymeibiza.com, will make all guests want to repeat: swimming pools, massage rooms, gardens, etc. Put your best smile on the pictures! Being invited to a wedding in Ibiza also means having photos worthy of the cover of a travel magazine.

What do I wear if I am invited to an Ibiza wedding?

To decide what you are going to wear, the first thing is to know what kind of wedding venue and ceremony you will go to. It could be a wedding in a luxurious villa like the ones we have described before, or a very casual one with barefoot in the sand.

Depending on the environment, you could choose different options. For example, if it is going to be a more stylish celebration, you can opt for a dress with feathers and rhinestones. If the atmosphere is going to be a party mood, maybe you can choose designs with prints and sequins. If the bride and groom have a more bohemian style, a knitted dress will give you a hippy touch. If the wedding is at night, try on some chiffon dress, either long or short and get ready to succeed!

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