Sometimes at weddings there are mistakes that cause big headaches on the big day. The funny thing is that most of them get repeated time after time. 

And yes, we know that organizing a wedding in Ibiza has a lot of trouble and that it is very difficult not to miss any detail, for that we are here! We are going to tell you the most common mistakes at weddings so you can prevent them and have an amazing day in Ibiza!

Most common mistakes: 

– Forget about special menus or food allergies

Surely in your guest list there is a vegan or gluten intolerant person, lactose, etc. 

Is very important to know the special needs of your guest. The idea is to agree on special menus with the restaurant so that people who need it can ask for them.

–  Forget about use waterproof makeup

99.99% of brides cry at their wedding, end up sweating and receiving hundreds of kisses.

All these emotions can make our makeup not last more than a couple of hours. We really need to use good quality and resistant products.

The waterproof makeup is one that resists sweat, tears, and moisture. Tell your makeup artist that you want this type of product in your look; only in this way you will look perfect 24 hours.

Forget to think about midnight snacks

The “recena” are those snacks that are served after dinner to recover after hours and hours of a lot of dancing.

It may seem that this is not something so important but you will be surprised to see how your guests eat a mini hamburger at 3am. Having this detail in mind is something that your guest will appreciate after some alcoholic drinks.

– Wrong calculation on the number of chairs

It is common that in a standing reception, for example in a Villa in Ibiza, we have fewer chairs than guests, which is a very serious mistake.

All your guests will want to sit at some point and not just the oldest or women with 15 cm heels. Even young people and children need to rest from time to time. One chair per guest (and some extra) is the ideal number.

Heels too high

It’s your day and you want to look amazing, feel like a queen and don’t notice the difference in height with your partner if he is very tall.

But carrying heels of those who don’t let you move is not the solution; you may have trouble walking and even reaching the altar in an unattractive way. Remember that all that will be recorded.

If you want to look high when you say, “I do”, replace the heels for beautiful white wedges. If your style is Bespoke or Boho Chic, they will be the ideal complement to your bridal outfit in Ibiza. 

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