Many couples wish a dream wedding in Ibiza, the sea in the background, white as the protagonist…

But in most cases when preparing the details of the ceremony, we don’t know where to start. What are the keys to a true Ibiza wedding? What style should the bride wear? And what about the groom?

Do not panic! 

Below we detail the keys to live a 100% Ibiza ceremony, you will see that it is much easier than it seems: 

The keys to an Ibiza wedding worthy of a magazine: 

A relaxed ceremony

Even luxury weddings in Ibiza have this relaxed atmosphere. A bohemian atmosphere that was lived on the island in the 70s characterizes the Ibiza ceremonies.

It doesn’t matter if you celebrate your wedding in an Ibiza villa of the highest level, relaxation and luxury can work together perfectly to say, “I do” in an unforgettable way.

Comfortable shoes, casual hairstyles and bride and groom suits that allow freedom of movement are the basis of the perfect wedding in Ibiza.

All in white!

Unlike conventional weddings, in the Ibiza ceremonies, the bride and groom wear the same colour outfits, with comfortable fabrics halfway between elegant and hippie style.

Complements in white or sand colour will give a different touch to your outfit. For example, a simple foulard that protects from the sea breeze for her and an elegant hat that protects from the Sun for him.

The veils are transformed and look knotted like a pirate style something that fits perfectly (Only) in an Ibiza wedding.  

The perfect accessories for an Ibiza wedding

No high heels, these are relegated to the hustle and bustle of the city. Comfortable espadrilles are the favourite footwear of the island brides. You will find wedge espadrilles that in addition to helping you go comfortable will enhance your figure helping you to look taller.

To get an extra natural sensation you can say, “I do” in barefoot, key only suitable for beach weddings in Ibiza. Feeling the sand under your feet during the ceremony with your loved one is a magical moment that could only be lived in Ibiza. And … What about the guests?

Contrary to what happens in conventional weddings where it is not well seen that other people wear white (Since that privilege is reserved for the bride) in Ibiza weddings all guests can wear the colour of purity.

And do not worry! We anticipate that all attendees will be happy to accept the Ibiza Dress Code.   

Decoration with navy elements

The decoration at a wedding venue in Ibiza is characterized by being discreet. Who wants ornaments with the sea in the background?

Placing tables and chairs with strategic covers, adding hanging lights and especially finding the right landscape is all you need.

However, the Navy type elements fit wonderfully, in addition to starfish and natural shells. If you are lucky enough to have the sound of the background waves you will live a wonderful celebration!  

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