Usually, the groom also collaborates with all the preparations of the wedding, although you know that he is not always passionate about it. This dedication is more than enough to give him a surprise; something special that is not expected and will remain forever recorded in his memory.

And we are not talking about a “payment” for helping you with the wedding, but something to show him how much you appreciate everything he does for you.  

Believe me, he will appreciate it  

Let’s go with some ideas that will reach his heart on your special day. 

Ideas to surprise your partner at your wedding (What is not expected):

Send him an unexpected gift

It is a tradition that the groom and the bride get ready in different places to meet later for example, in one of the beautiful Ibiza´s churches. However, you know where he is going to be and with what person.Send him a special detail through the person who will be with him during the moments before the ceremony.

The most common in these cases are accessories for his groom suit. Better customized accessories; an elegant watch with your engraved names, cufflinks with a special touch or even something related to your favourite activity or the hobby that you like to practice together.

A romantic getaway

And we are not talking about the Honeymoon.  Usually, when couples return from the wedding trip, the initial euphoria goes down to return to the routine (we talk about euphoria, not love, that can last forever)

Give him a surprise with a romantic getaway to somewhere you two always dreamed of going. Remember to choose weekends if you have returned to work or book more vacation days to be completely relax.  

A different bridal entrance

Although the time you see each other at the altar is one of the most beautiful on your special day, you can make it even more special.

If you want to make this moment emotional for him, make it thematic. For example:

Do you both love horseback riding? You will be like a queen coming to church on horseback! 

Do you celebrate a wedding on the beach? Then nothing better like arriving to the ceremony in a small boat. Perfect for beach weddings in Ibiza! 

Are you both unconditional music lovers? Walk to the altar with an adapted version of your favourite song. 

Post-wedding photo shoot 

Most grooms don’t like the wedding common photo shoots. They prefer more authentic photos. You can think about something that really excites him. And here your imagination is the limit.

He loves the countryside, so why not some photos on the mountain? He loves the sea? Well, why not a photos in that beach where he had a great time!

Only you know the taste of your partner, as long as you find that special detail that really touch his heart it will be a sure success. 

Your wedding planner can help you to organize anything with out he notice that something is happening! 

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