When planning a wedding, one of the biggest fears, especially for the bride, is that it rains that day. But is it really so bad to get married on a rainy day? At first, we can think that the only concern is how will the photos look but is more than that. 

Superstitions have always been around weddings; for example the bride has to wear something blue, something borrowed, something old, the groom can’t see the bride before the wedding, and a long list that we’re not going to comment on now.

With the rain at a wedding, although it is related to bad luck, the truth is that it seems quite the opposite. Photographers, for example, say that wedding photos with rain are much more spectacular because the light. Get married on a rainy day is not so bad.

It seems that superstitions around a wedding become good luck charms. For example wet girlfriend, lucky girlfriend

Spanish people say that rain is the best thing that can happen to the bride and groom on their wedding day, means very good luck in your marriage. Although it is true that no couple wants the rain on the most important day of their life, seems to be something positive in all of it.

Some of the meanings of a rainy day when you get married 

Fertility symbol

Some cultures have long considered that rain in your wedding day means fertility; perhaps because of the influence it has on the growth of a living being. Surely thinking about this will encourage those couples who want to have children and have been surprised by the rain on their wedding day.

More superstitions around the rain

If the previous superstitions do not convince you and you still dreaming of a sunny day but there is the possibility of rain, try some of these rituals! In Spain, for example, there is a tradition that consists of bringing eggs to the nuns. They will pray to Santa Clara asking for a sunny day for you. 

There is also a saying that if the bride sleeps with scissors under the mattress the night before the wedding, a sunny day is assured. Make a cross with salt in the patio or garden of the house just the day before the wedding. 

Although there is another who says that what should be done is to drive knives into the ground!  

Will all this be enough to stop the forces of nature? Time will tell. 

Whether you want to celebrate your wedding on a beach in Ibiza, in Es Vedrá, or any Ibiza wedding venue, rain can appear when you don’t expect it.

A recommendation would be to celebrate the wedding in luxury villas in Ibiza where you have huge gardens and also with large interior spaces in case the rain arrives.

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