Who has never dreamed of getting married on the beach? Feel the sound of the waves, the breeze on your face and that pleasant smell of the sea that makes an Ibiza beach wedding so special.

It’s true that the beach has something magical, but it’s only when you say “I do” in front of the sea that you realize how special this moment actually is that attracts couples so much. At marrymeibiza.com we will explain how to organize it all. 

Getting married on the beach is possible; in fact, it is one of the most requested ceremonies in Ibiza. Let’s see some answers, tips, and advice that will help you to prepare your wedding on the beach. 

How to get married on the beach: Tips, ideas and answers for the most beautiful ceremony:  

Getting the required permits:

Getting married on the beach is not easy, according to the jurisprudence of most city councils: Only events that cannot be carried out anywhere else can be carried out on the coast. This totally leaves out weddings.

On the other hand, couples that want to formalize their relationship through a religious ceremony can have it even more complicated. The pastor must also obtain the corresponding permits.

For this reason, a multitude of couples carries out the formalization of the marriage in the town hall or the church to subsequently hold a second symbolic celebration on the beaches or coves.

If you celebrate your wedding on the beach you should know that your ceremony will not be without a few onlookers. Having a professional Wedding Planner service will help you solve any unforeseen events. 

Even the smallest detail must be calculated:

And this is another reason why you need a Wedding Planner service specialized in organizing a beach wedding.

We know that getting married on the beach gives you a bohemian feeling that invites you to relax. But also is important to know that a beach wedding or an Ibiza wedding brings a series of setbacks that we do not find in other types of ceremonies.

The experience of a professional in charge of these celebrations is essential if you want everything to go well. 

The date and location: more important than you imagine.

We do not recommend under any circumstances a beach wedding or an Ibiza wedding in the months of July or August, the beaches and coves are usually quite crowded. 

The best time to get married on the beach is in late spring and early fall. No crowds and in these months sky draws a palette of colours that make a unbeatable background to say “I do”.

When getting married on the beach it is essential to have nearby facilities where guests who need to, can stay and, whenever possible, the reception location is close by.

Ibiza has a multitude of wedding venues, beach clubs and restaurants suitable for this type of ceremony. If you have always dreamed of a wedding in Ibiza, this is one of your most comfortable options although, of course, not the only one.

These are some of the most important tips for getting married on the beach, remember that a company specialized in organizing a beach wedding or Ibiza weddings can speed up the process and avoid some headaches. 

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