Do you plan to get married in Ibiza? We have great news: today we bring you the essential tips to choose the perfect wedding suit for your Ibiza wedding.

As you know, one of the peculiarities of weddings in Ibiza is that all guests, in addition to the bride, wear white, the colour of peace and purity that, from Ancient Greece, is the predominant colour on special occasions.

The white colour is the symbol of what it is to get married in Ibiza, so it will have to be the colour of the groom’s suit.

Why a wedding in Ibiza?

Getting married in Ibiza is a dream come true, and we will help you organize it from the beginning: we will look for the location and wedding venues (villas, houses, agroturismos, boutique hotels, beach coves, etc), the suppliers, we will coordinate everything … We will be very careful because we know that if you want to get married in Ibiza it is for its beauty and magic.

In addition, organizing a wedding in Ibiza means enjoying a ceremony in one of the most glamorous places in the world: outdoors, next to the beautiful Ibiza coast… and of course the groom and the bride has to look stunning!

The best groom suit for a Boho Chic wedding or a luxury wedding

Getting married forever on the island of love and tranquillity will mean choosing a white wedding suit, the most appropriate colour for weddings hold outdoors on the beach of Ibiza. In addition, white also combines with country settings and will suit you even better if your skin tone is dark. 

Be sure to hire a good photographer to have the best memories later.

What if you don’t like white? It doesn’t have to be a pure white: according to your tastes, maybe you can try subtle beige, also recommended for the warm climate of Ibiza.

In addition, the ideal material is linen, a soft fabric that fits perfectly with a Boho Chic wedding and allows the groom to move freely both walking in the sand and dancing on the day more Happy of your life.

Boho Chic weddings are not the only option: luxury weddings are also very popular on the island hold in the lavish Ibiza villas; deserve to be on the covers of the best travel magazines. In that case, opt for a white suit with an elegant cut. 

Style or cut of the groom suit for your Ibiza wedding: 

Chaqué: the most popular style for weddings of all kinds in Spain, both for day weddings, where light tones predominate, as for evening or night, in which dark colours are more common.

Classic costume: a wide variety of cuts are in this category. The possibilities in other types of weddings are almost endless, but in the case of getting married on the famous island, the star colour is white.

Tuxedo: this style is getting very popular in recent years, despite being a suit of “etiquette” suitable only for night celebrations and that is combined with a bow tie. The lapels of the jacket are usually made of satin.

Finally, remember that the most important thing is that you feel totally comfortable in your wedding suit: check the size, perfectly adjusted, or make a custom wedding suit.

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