This is the happiest style for a wedding ceremony

Discover in what a boho chic wedding is like in Ibiza, a ceremony full of joy that triumphs among the most hipster couples Keep reading! We give you the best tips to celebrate your big day: This is a Boho Chic Wedding in Ibiza, a ceremony that gives joy:

Boho is the diminutive of bohemian and weddings of this style are characterised by a different aesthetic, relaxed and focused on enjoying.

In a boho chic wedding in Ibiza we do not find the typical wedding dresses, that solemn decoration and the same routine protocol that we live in each ceremony.

However everything is strategically thought. Each element is measured in detail and although in the end you breathe relaxation, you may need a wedding planner to make everything perfect:

Tips for organising a Boho Chic Wedding in Ibiza and the aesthetics of the perfect boho chic bride and groom

The Boho chic bride bets on dreamy, floaty and comfortable dresses. With those who can feel herself. It is the most important day of your life, one of the best tips is to invest time in finding your ideal dress. You can ask your wedding planner for advice to find the best stores.

Boho chic boyfriend forgets the typical suit + tie set. Instead he wears skinny pants and a shirt.

Not at all! all the elements of a boho chic wedding in Ibiza are strategically designed to achieve the finish we are looking for.

Again having a wedding planner to organise these details of the ceremony is one of the best tips we can give you. Bohemian bridal bouquet that falls most in love

The best tips for a boho chic bouquet is to use natural flowers, full of colour and wild.

Bohemian bride looks hippy, natural, perfect in her imperfection. You can choose flowers that combine with the decoration, but above all, add your favourite varieties.

On the island we have extensive businesses dedicated to the creation of wedding bouquets, your wedding planner can take care of these preparations or go to visit them yourself.

A wreath that combines with the bouquet is your best option. In times of halftime nothing like a fringe vest as a perfect complement. In decoration the different is the key

This point is what makes your boho chic wedding be exactly as you imagine, unveil even the smallest detail to your Wedding planner so you can organise all that you now only dream about.

Combining different colours and prints is one of the best tips, also choose wooden furniture and add rustic objects such as: Folk and vintage elements. Handmade decoration Books Flowers Small stools at ground level …

In the small lies the key to organising an unforgettable wedding in Ibiza. Every stone makes a wall, even the cutlery can be the small brushstroke that makes the difference.

Many couples use coloured cutlery to give a touch of fun. The most demanded? Covered in blue and orange. And remember, this is the most important thing at a boho chic wedding in Ibiza:

A boho chic wedding in Ibiza is characterised by the experience, you want to enjoy you want your partner to remember it, that your friends live it intensely …

The best tips to celebrate a boho chic wedding in Ibiza is to enjoy it, helping to organise your wedding planner should be something you do very much, because it is one of the best tips for your big day to be…. How have you been dreaming for years!

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